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TopFollow Login Problem || 100% Fix

We know how frustrating it is when users try to increase Instagram followers unlimitedly through the TopFollow app and suddenly the TopFollow login problem occurs. At this stage, the user becomes very upset.

For a very long time, we have been trying to find the solution to this problem and after many experiments, we came up with a solution to this problem. To prevent yourself from this login problem, you have to follow these steps.

Steps To Fix TopFollow login Problem

Here is a step by step guide to remove or fix this login problem

Uninstall the current app

The first step that you have to do is uninstall the current version that you have on your Android or IOS phone. The reason for uninstalling this version is you are using an old version of the topfollow app that’s why you have to uninstall this version from your device.

How To Uninstall

These are the steps that are involved in uninstalling the app

  • Press on the app icon for more than 2 seconds.
click 2 sec
  • Now it shows a list of options on your mobile screen.
list options
  • You have to click on the uninstall button from there.
uninstall button
  • Again it shows 2 more options there (cancel and uninstall).
confirm uninstall
  • Click on the Uninstall button again.
  • It will take some mili seconds to uninstall the app.
  • Finally, the app is permanently gone from your device.

Download the latest version of the TopFollow Apk

The next step you have to do after uninstalling the old version is just to go directly to this page TopFollow APK, And download the the latest version of the app from here or open Chrome or any other browser on your mobile and search here for Open the first website and download the topfollow app latest version from here. After downloading the latest version you need to install this version of the app that you just downloaded.

Create A New Instagram ID

After the installation steps are completed, you need to create a new Instagram account for yourself, So you can use this fake account in the TopFollow app to increase the followers of your real Instagram account or any other account you want.

Steps To Do in Instagram Profile

These are the steps that you have to perform in your instagram profile after creating a new ID.

  • First of all, you have to make your profile public. To do this, just go to the settings and open account privacy, then turn off the private button option.
  • Uploads a minimum of 2 posts on this account.
minimum 2 insta post
  • Copy the username of that account. To copy the username just go to your profile, click on edit profile, and copy your username from there.

Open New installed version

  • Now the next phase is to open the newly installed version on your phone.
open the app
  • After opening it, click on the sign-in option and paste the username over here that you copied from your fake account.
paste username and password
  •  Also, enter the password of that fake account in the password section.
  • Click on the login button.
top follow login problem fix
  • Now it starts processing, it takes 2 or 5 seconds over here and after, completion it will get you to the interface of the topfollow app.


In this article, we provide our users with the best solution for the TopFollow login issue which works for every mobile. By following the steps that we mentioned above you can overcome this issue. If you face any kind of other issue in the topfollow app, please let us know so that we can overcome the issues and provide our users with an error or bug-free app.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, the topfollow app is free for everyone.

Yes, TopFollow is an authentic and safe application.

You can download the latest version from our website, which has all features unlocked and unlimited coins.

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