How To Create An Instagram Account For Top Follow App

Are you here to learn how to create an Instagram account for Top Follow app to get unlimited followers by using this fake account on your original Instagram account?

To create a new or fake Instagram account, and use it for the Top Follow application, follow our step-by-step guide. If you haven’t downloaded this amazing application yet, just click on this link to download Top Follow APK and start going viral using this app.

What Is Instagram

In Today’s Era, everybody is familiar with this social media app named instagram. It is a platform that shares videos, posts, and reels, where users can follow each other and connect with other people through the Internet. When people become famous or go viral on Instagram, brands start sponsoring them for their products or advertisements, allowing these users to earn money. It is a popular app with 2.4 billion active users and ranks fourth number in the Instagram social media category.

How to download Instagram

To download this app you just need to open the Play Store and search Instagram in the search box.

install instagram from playstore


You can visit their official Instagram website, and download the app from here.

How To Install

If you download this app directly from the Play Store then no need to perform additional steps of the installation process.


On the other hand, if you download this from their official website or Google then you have to follow these steps to install it.

  • First of all, it’s a 3rd party app so your mobile will not allow you to install this app. You have to go to your mobile Settings > Security > and allow Installing Unknown Apps.
  • The next step is now to click on the app you have downloaded, you can see this in your notification bar.
  • click on the Install button.
  • it will be installed in just a few seconds.


  • You can find that downloaded app in your Google Chrome browser.
  • Click on the three bars of the browser.
google three bars
  • You can see a list of options there, just click on the downloads option.
  • Here you can see the download apk, and now you have to perform the installation steps we told you before.
download option in google
  • When the installation process is complete, its shortcut appears on the mobile screen, click on the app icon and open it.

How To Create an Instagram Account For Top Follow

Just follow these steps as it is to create an account for top follow app.

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Here you can see several options for logging in and signing up.
  • Click on this option (Don’t have an account sign up).
signup button
  • After clicking on it, enter your details like number, username, and password.
  • Remember, this is a fake account that you are creating only for the Top Follow app.
  • After entering all of the information, just click on the sign-up button.
  • Finally, your account is ready.
create an instagram account for top follow

How to use this account in the Top Follow

To use this account authentically or legally in the top follow app, just follow this step-by-step guide.

  • Open the Top Follow App.
  • Click on the sign-in with instagram button.
sign in option of top follow app
  • Enter the username and password of the account, which you created recently.
enter account details
  • Check out the features of the app.
  • Finally, the app interface appears.

Now, complete the daily task and get coins for your real account to get unlimited followers with this account.

daily tasks


To create a fake account on instagram follow the steps that we mentioned above. In 2024, if you want to become viral on Instagram, just download our Top Follow App. Become popular by collecting coins and converting them into followers in the app. You can also download Top Follow For IOS.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

No, it is not designed to work for all social media platforms. It’s specially designed for Instagram.

Yes, Top Follow provide real and legit followers for Instagram

Yes, you can check our page for continuous updates of the app.

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