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We know TopFollow is an amazing app, but if you’re still looking for alternative apps, look no further. We’ve got some great alternatives to our app. You can check it out if you want.

top follow alternatives

TopFollow Alternatives

These are the 4 best alternatives to the TopFollow APK that will help you get unlimited followers for your Instagram. All these apps have pros and cons so we will tell you each and everything about these apps

Apps Like TopFollow

Here is the list of the topfollow alternatives you can choose one of them as per your requirements or You can select one of them as per their features.

  1. Social Liker 
  2. Get insta
  3. Ins Follower
  4. Social Followers 

Now let’s dive into their features and gain some knowledge about these apps.

Social Liker

social liker logo

Social Liker is an app, just like TopFollow, which helps you gain posts, stories, and photo likes for Instagram accounts. After installing this application, the first step is to log in to the app, after logging into the application, you can see the interface and all the options in the app.

How Social Liker Works

  1. First step is to login to the account but if you are a new user you have to signed in the app.
  2. After login, it shows you all the posts of that particular account, select the post you want to increase the number of likes.
  3. Select the number of likes according to your need.
  4. Open your Instagram and you will see likes notifications coming in.

Features OF Social Liker

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Get free instagram followers and likes
Lightweight applicationLimited Followers
24/7 customer supportDoes not provide authentic followers
Show ads during use

Get insta

get insta logo

This is another alternative to the topfollow app, which helps you to buy free instagram followers and likes. Get insta is a coin based application. The best feature of this app is it also provides you with local followers for instagram so no one can feel doubt about your followers.

How Get Insta works

  1. Open the Get Insta app and enter your details to sign up, but if you already have an account, just log in.
  2. The next step is to add your Instagram username there
  3. complete the tasks and earn coins
  4. Use these coins to get followers and likes for yourself.

Features OF Get Insta

  1. Organic followers 
  2. Provides Local followers 
  3. Instant delivery 
  4. Provides 24/7 customer support
  5. Provides you auto instagram followers
Pros Cons
24/7 customer supportProvides Limited followers at a time
Provides instant followers and likes Not an ad-free app
Provides security Does not provide real & genuine followers

Ins Followers

ins follower logo

The 3rd alternative app to the topfollow is INS Followers. It is specially used to gain likes for Instagram posts. In this application, they provide you with tasks daily. You have to complete these tasks in return you will get coins and you can use these coins to get more likes for your posts.

How Ins Followers Works

  1. it is also a coin base application
  2. you can earn coins by following or liking other accounts.
  3. In return, you will get coins, and use these coins to get likes on your Instagram posts.

Features OF Ins Follower

  1. Insta likes and followers 
  2. Coin based application 
  3. Support both devices (IOS and Android)
  4. Daily Tasks 
Complete daily tasks and earn coinDoes not provide followers 
Provide unlimited instagram post likesProvides fake likes 
Lightweight application & Easy to use

Social Followers

social follower logo

Social Follower is another alternative to the topfollow app, which helps users increase the number of followers of instagram accounts by doing fewer steps. The best thing about Social Follower is that you can increase the number of followers on your instagram account without logging into it. It only provides followers for Instagram, not likes.

Features OF Social Followers

  1. Provides Followers 
  2. Fast delivery 
  3. Simple and easy to use
Provides unlimited followersDoes not provide likes for Instagram.
Limited features 
There is no customer support


These are the alternatives to the TopFollow app that we mentioned above. However, they do not provide features or functions like Top Follow to its users. All these apps have limitations but Top Follow on the other hand has no limitations or bugs.. As per our suggestion, if you want to increase the number of likes, followers, story, and reel views then you go for the top follow app which provides you with unlimited followers and likes for your Instagram social media account. Top follow helps you to become viral by using tag suggestions.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

No, you can’t use the Top Follow Instagram followers increasing app without login

Unfortunately yes it is specially designed for increasing only instagram likes, comments, and followers.

Yes, the Top Follow app is free of costs.

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