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We know there are always some bugs and lags in the latest version of the app and these are tackled over time. We know that our users do not like these things. To prevent yourself from these bugs you can use or download the Top Follow Apk old version.


Some users do not like updates or they do not feel comfortable with new versions. The new version comes with some changes that users do not adopt quickly but with time they get attached to the new version. If you are one of them you can download and install the old version for yourself.

Feature Of Top Follow APK Old Versions

These are some of the features of the old version that make people prefer the old version more than the latest version.

Simplicity Of The Interface

This app has a simple user interface but in the new update, they are changing their interface and making it more professional or more attractive so it can engage their users.


According to our team’s observations, most users prefer a simple interface that is easy to understand and easy to use. That is the reason why most of the users prefer the old version over the new version.

Preference For Old Versions

Most of the users prefer the old version because of familiarity and functionality


In some cases, the user finds the old version more flexible and stable for themselves. The old version has fewer bugs and crashes in comparison to the new versions.

Resource Consumption

The new version consumes more battery, storage, and data as compared to the old version. The older version of the topfollow is more lightweight.

Device Compatibility

The new version of the topfollow apk is not compatible with those devices which has an Android version of less than 5. Those users who do not have the latest version of Android can use the old versions of our app. Our old versions are compatible with all types of devices.

Easy To Use

The structure of the old version is more easy and understandable as compared to the latest version of the app. So anyone can easily understand and use our app without getting anyone’s help.

Requirements For TopFollow App

app logo
Application NameTopFollow
Current Version5.4.0v
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
FormatAPK File
TopFollow App PromoCode CodeB0Q8II4MQ4
Requires Android5.0 and Up
Last Updated1 min ago

How To Download and Install TopFollow APK Old Version

These are the old versions of our app you can download any of them by just clicking on the download button. All of these are free of cost and will help you to grow unlimited followers and likes for your Instagram account.

Step-By-Step Guide For Downloading

Here is the links of previous 5 old version.

click on this link if you want to download the latest version of the top follow apk.

What Is Beta Version of TopFollow Apk

Here is the link to the beta version of our app. The beta version is not the official released version of the app. Before releasing the actual version we launch the beta version for testing purposes so that our users can test this APK. If there is any error or bug in the app, they can inform us about it and we will fix it. The main purpose of the beta version is to gather feedback from our users.

To download the older versions of this application you just have to click on any of the download button links. The progress bar now appears in your notification panel, You can see the details of downloading there.

top follow apk old versions

How to install TopFollow APK Old Version

  • The next step is now to click on that apk you have downloaded, you can see this in your notification bar.
  • click on the Install button.
  • it will be installed in just a few seconds.
  • After completion click on the app icon to open it and enjoy the features.

Pros and cons of old versions

Enjoy features that are no longer available in newer versionsThe old version has some glitches that are removed in the new version
Compatible with all Android versionsLack of Support
Consumes less battery and dataSpeed is slow as compared to the new version 
Simple and easy to use Security risk
Missing Features  and limited functionality

Final Thoughts

As per our suggestion, we always recommend you download and use the latest version of the app. Therefore there is no security risk in the updated version But some users who do not like the new version and are happy with the old version can use it. Both versions of the app help you to increase the likes and followers of your Instagram account. By growing your Instagram account your posts or reels get viral with this and you become a star.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, you can easily use the old version on your new device but some new devices do not support old versions.

Yes, you can easily switch to a new version just by downloading and installing the new version of the app.

Yes, a new user can easily use the old version but we prefer you to use the latest version of the app because there is no security risk in the updated version of the app.

Yes, because of security reasons, there is always a risk of data loss in the old versions.

Yes, hackers can hack the old version and steal your sensitive data.

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