Is Top Follow App Safe to Use in 2024? || Truth Behind it.

Nowadays, many apps claim to increase Instagram followers, likes, story views, and video views. However, most of these apps are fake and can lead to your Instagram account being blocked due to violations of rules and regulations. In contrast, the Top Follow app offers these features for free. The question arises: Is Top Follow app safe? Top Follow is an app that provides authentic Instagram followers without violating official Instagram app rules and regulations. Now read this step-by-step guide to use this app safely.

is top follow app safe

is top follow app safe

Top Follow is a completely secure app that allows you to increase unlimited followers for your Instagram account without harming your account. It is safe because our developer has designed this app according to the rules and regulations of the official Instagram app. That’s why more than 92 million people are using our app and loving the services of this app.

Why Is Top Follow Safe?

These are the following reasons why Top Follow is safe.

Compliance with Instagram Policies

Because the top follow app complies with the policies of the instagram app and does not violate any terms or services of instagram. Top Follow maintains the integrity of the user’s account and avoids any violations that could lead to the account suspension.

Authentic Followers

The followers and engagement provided by Top Follow come from real instagram users. Therefore, there is no reason left to ban or suspend the account. Top Follow never used any artificial intelligence to boost followers.


There is not a single negative review about our app on the internet because we have never lied to our users and always provide legitimate followers and services to our users as per our promise that’s why they prefer us over other apps. We earned user’s trust and loyalty only because of our honesty.

How to use Top Follow safely

Just follow this step-by-step guide to use it safely.

  • Use a fake Instagram account in the Top Follow app to stay safe instead of using a real account.
  • Always enable this Anti-Ban option in the app. 
anti ban
  • Click the Settings button and always use a 5 to 6-second delay between tasks for safety.

After doing all these settings, click on the start button to collect coins and use those coins to get free followers.

start button


By following the steps mentioned in this guide and using the latest version of the Top Follow app, you can ensure the security of your Instagram account while enjoying the benefits of increasing followers without the risk of getting banned from your account. Remember we always prioritize security and compliance with Instagram policies to maintain the integrity of your account. For the latest updates and features, download Top Follow v5.4.0 today and experience hassle-free growth on Instagram.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Just click on the link and read this step-by-step guide to solve the Top Follow login problem in 1 minute.

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No, there is no moded version of the topfollow.

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