Why My TopFollow Gained Followers are Disappearing || Latest Updates Top Follow 2024

Are you using the Top Follow app to gain unlimited followers for your Instagram, but after increasing your followers through Top Follow or any other app, you start losing these followers on Instagram without any reason? If you want to stop losing these Instagram followers, follow all our instructions in this article.

Why am I losing followers?

When followers gain using TopFollow or any other application, they drop because these apps usually provide fake or inactive followers. These followers are not interested in your content.

These are the reasons you see drops in followers.

These are some reasons why you might be experiencing a drop in the number of followers you gain through the Topfollow app.

reasons why loosing-followers

Inactive Accounts

Apps like Topfollow use fake accounts to increase the number of followers on Instagram. All these accounts are inactive, which means that real users are not using them. They just follow you but never like your content because these followers are not real; they are just showpieces. You can do a flex in front of your friend by saying that you have a lot of followers on Instagram and are more famous than him.

Lack of Engagement

Also, many followers unfollow you because they are uninterested in your content. This only happens if your followers are not genuine or legit.

Temporary Follower

Many followers may follow you to get a follow-back from you, and when you give them a follow-back, they unfollow you after some minutes.

How to get organic growth on Instagram

To grow your account organically, follow these tips.

organic instagram followers

Daily Post

You have to post high-quality content daily to keep your audience engaged.

Reply Comments

To maintain engagement with your audience, reply to them in the comments. By responding to them in comments, you will get their attention, and they will visit your profile repeatedly.

Use Proper Trending Hashtags

Always use proper Trending hashtags related to your video while posting on Instagram; it will eventually help boost your video.

Make Videos On Trending Topics

Always keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and try to make videos on trending topics. This will increase your chances of going viral on social media.


To maintain the followers count on Instagram, just post that thing by which your audience gets engaged with you. Also, follow our tips to get a chance to grow your account organically and always post high quality and engaging content on Instagram. 

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